About Patternz Biotech

Pattrnz Biotech is the first SaaS solution developed by Dataverz ApS after years of R&D work in academia and industry.

Pattrnz is an AI "cognitive assistant" developed to speed-up R&D processes at biotechnology companies. The assistant unobtrusively analyses and connects critical R&D information, providing contextual insights (informational patterns) to R&D managers, engineers and scientists.


Meet The Team

Dr. Pedro Parraguez

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CEO - Strategy and Sales

MSc Nelson Guaman

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CTO - Information Technologies

Dr. Trisha Grevengoed

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Chief Science Officer (CSO) - Bioscience Lead 

Dr. Christian Sørup

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Senior Advisor & Data Science Lead

Graph Analytics

New quantitative indicators to support system-oriented analyses  

Natural language processing

A semantic layer to add a deeper understanding of unstructured text

AI / Machine Learning

New methods to train algorithms and reach deeper insights

Proprietary Knowledge Graph

An organised network of knowledge and relationships that feed  machine inference

Technologies and Methods

Contextual R&D Insights

The cognitive assistant surfaces relevant knowledge and patterns based on context clues extracted from what the user inputs on its own tools (e.g. Google search or internal project management systems)


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Pattrnz Biotech is a Dataverz ApS solution